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Welcome to Philosopher’s Stone

Philosopher’s Stone is a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals such as lead into gold and is the underlying thought of our business.

We are pleased to introduce our self as the “Growth accelerator”. We are helping SME’s and start up ventures to get the fast growth in business with healthy profitability. Our Clients are our Business Partners where we work together and strategize for businesses to ensure that they achieve the desired goals with sustainability.

Our services are especially useful for businesses that require a new charter of ideas to boost their objectives. We believe in generating values which would help respective businesses. We take a “Leadership role” or “CXO” in your esteemed organisation and Accelerate Growth through Business process Reengineering and Financial Restructuring. You get the benefits of our 20 years of hands on experience and foresight without incurring any cost of CFO/CEO/CIO/COO.

O u r  M i s s i o n

Philosopher’s Stone Mission is to unlock the potential of SME’s by   Complete hand holding

O u r  V i s i o n

The Philosopher’s Stone vision is to Turnaround 100 SMEs with excellent Growth by 2020

C o n t a c t  U s

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Other Services

  • We have a Sound Board to help you in those tough decisions
  • Professional Assistance in Strategic and Financial planning
  • Creating Financial Models and developing Business plans
  • Developing Management Information Systems and Setting up Review Mechanisms
  • Developing Policies and Procedures- Putting in place systems for better control- moving to process driven environment
  • Better understanding of the Financial side of the business implying lesser surprises and more control over finances.
  • Business Restructuring and Business Process Re-engineering


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