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Our HR services aim to improve Productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale in your Organization. In the HR arena our core areas of work are as follows:-


We focus on finding the right fit/potential who fits into the culture of your organization for enhancing delivery capability. Our Team ensures a proper understanding of your business, culture, people practices and builds job description with key competencies even before we start our search. This helps us to be focused on what you want and what makes you successful.

Our Talent search is focused on the following levels:-

C –level Executives – CEO, CXO, CFO, COO, CMO and the like

Very Critical Positions

SME ’s, Start-ups and new entrepreneurial ventures need effective human resource solutions for their long-term business viability. SME’s require not only skilled candidate but also the ownership and sense of responsibility and that they are culturally fit which is more important than just pure skills. We know how important it is to recruit right people with the right set of competencies and attitude and how much time the process takes. We take the ownership of the entire hiring process which would broadly cover the following steps:-

  Preparing the Job description based on the requirement

  Vacancy posting

  Resume screening

  Interview process

  Background check

  Negotiation and offer process

For hiring the c- level executives and Key positions we work on retainer ship basis where a fixed fee model will manage the hiring process from start to finish. For clients on our retained HR services the placement fee % would be lesser compared to non- retained clients.


People are the vital assets of any organization in ensuring their businesses to run smoothly and optimally according to organizational objectives or goals. HR Consulting helps organizations in gaining cost reduction and time efficiencies by providing them innovative human resource strategies.  We provide HR consulting in the following areas:

 Defining policies and processes, helping o streamline operations. Preparation of policy  manual and various templates for HR Processes

 Documentation and template required for managing the employee life cycle in the organization covering Recruitment, retention and retirement/exit.

 Recruitment and staffing

Payroll & Compensation plans

Employee  Engagement programs

Talent management, training, and development

 Legal and compliance issues pertaining to employment and labour laws – help you to run a legally compliant business.

 Employee Benefits & compliances (Medical, Life Insurance, Gratuity Plans, PF etc)


We also provide onsite HR support to cover for the period of leave of your HR resource,  or to assist during peak workloads or recruitment drive etc. along with consulting. This would be having separate terms & agreement.


 Models and Others

1. HR Business Partnership Process Model.

2.    Business Transition & Transformation - Vision Execution Strategies.

 i.   Change Solution Standard Operating Process Model.                                                     

1.    Merger & Acquisition HR Transformation Process Model

2.    HR Shared Services Centre Process Model & Key Challenges.

3.    Predictive Analytics-Based Organizational Developmental Process Model

4.    Hi-Potential Critical Talent Management Process Model

5.    Return on Human Capital Investment for Matrix.

6.    Retention Strategies for HIPO’s & Blue-Collar Attrition & Absenteeism Control

7.    Digitized HRIS Driven HR Operations Process Model

 8.  Setting ROI Driven Domestic & International Compensation & Benefits Management Strategies      Process Model

 i. Business Sustainability Low-Cost Saving Hiring Source Mix Compensation Structure Strategies                            

1.    Business Sustainability Recruitment Solutions

 i.  VUCA Risk Insulated Business Sustainability-Driven Cost Saving Based Liquid Workforce                                                       

      Management Alternate Source-Mix Hiring Model

1.    Industrial Relation & E-Statutory Compliances Software Solutions

2.    Manpower Rationalization with Legally Vetted Industrial Relations Process Model for Seasonal Manpower Hiring

3.    Balance Score Card Based Performance Management System:

  i. Business Performance Driven & Static Variance Cost Analytics Linked Zero Based Performance                                                           

  Management System HR Budgeting

1.    Business Performance Improvement Training & Development Strategies

 i. HR Business Partnership for Sales HR Revenue Generation & Leakage Control Process Solution Model              

1.    Strategic Priorities Linked Sustainable Employee Engagement Process Model & Calendar

2.    Business Strategy Driven ROI based Succession Management Process Model

3.    Innovative Employee Engagement Model for Employee Participation in CSR Sustainability




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