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CA. Madhav Agarwal

A seasoned professional with vast experience as a Leader, Motivational speaker, Business coach in the space of Retail Health Care, Fashion Apparels,  Education, Finance, Hospitality, and many more sectors. With over 25 brands taking advantage of Mr Madhav Agarwal's expertise over the past 25 years, he knows the best practices that could take your business up the ladder. Madhav also enjoys sharing interesting stories of successes & goof-ups that most small businesses encounter during their growth stage and their pathway to self-sustainability.

Deep Mehta

Deep expertises in business development, growth, revenue mapping, digital marketing and more. He specializes in businesses that serve as the backbone of companies from the point of view of scale up plans. His favorite business areas include strategy for your daily routine marketing and using industry old techniques like SEO, Analytics to your advantage. Deep is a veteran of the digital marketing space and has over 6 years of experience with business objectives like website traffic, lead generation, etc. He enjoys setting up processes to ensure your small business has the legs it takes to stand up on its feet. Deep conducts seminars on mobile marketing, ecommerce sales, blogging and SEO in various institutions across Mumbai.

Marmik Ajmera

Another name of Marmik is - performance obsessed digital marketing enthusiast. He explores a variety of platforms available across the globe to yield the right results for you using his conversion rate optimization techniques. He can float your sinking ship in a matter of days. All he needs is the right data and answers to a lot of questions. Marmik loves using a variety of social platforms and partner networks to yield immediate leads and revenue to maintain your top line.

Deepak Yewle

Deepak is a complete growth hacker. He will give you ideas on how to optimize your conversions at the lowest possible cost and constantly evolve with your marketing ideas. Deepak comes from SEO background and hence loves numbers and trusts numbers. He can help you understand the real flaws in your operations to customer journey while helping you manage your bottom line. Deepak is a visiting faculty for multiple digital marketing institutes across the city.

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